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Jumping the Moon

28 May 2015

By Allison Adams


Written in Memory of Alex Sokol, founder of www.alabamaforever.org.

I snapped this photo just as the Blue Angels were finishing up a show. Many people had left. In fact, we were on our way down the road to beat the traffic when I heard them fly over again. I dropped my chair and bag to catch them zooming “under” the moon.

To my surprise, I got this: One Angel, almost jumping the moon.

In life we are in such a hurry to get to the next place that we often miss the treasures right where we are.

As the Blue Angels fly over, even when they are zipping our new Bama Gymnastics coach around at a G or two, the dots on the ground are just that. From a plane window we can each have that perspective, hundreds of lined houses represented by squares and rectangles.

Within each of those squares or rectangles, perhaps, is a family dynamic: a husband coming home from work, a teenager practicing to win a tournament, and a mom who just wants to make it another day. And yes, in some other houses, there is perhaps a happier scenario. But from above, do our mini-dramas really matter?

Those Blue Angels are able to zip from one side of the country to the other sometimes in the same amount of time it takes us to throw our latest useless hissy fit.

There is a birth every eight seconds and a death every 12 seconds.  Each of our life events is just a blip on a globe that continues to spin without our permission.

And we certainly have no idea just how long we have.

Today, as I look out over the water on the lake, I wonder, what are we really here for? This past month we celebrated Easter, a time when many of us are reminded that there is more to life than this existence.

We are one in 7,235,277,626 at the time of this writing. 

Each of us was created for some special purpose, and for more than what goes on in the small circle of dirt that we each inhabit.

I hope now that summer is here, you will make goals to stretch your boundaries, reach out to others and find what it is you were created for. Use your mess if you believe that is your message. Embrace who you are and why you were born. And remember: Whether you believe in God or not, you cannot deny that the little print on the tip of your finger wasn’t put there by accident. Your fingerprint is entirely unique to you. Find a place to leave it, and here’s hoping you shoot for the moon!


Allison Adams




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