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Interim State Superintendent of Education Appeals Block of Georgia Washington Sale

17 Mar 2018 Staff

Interim Alabama State Superintendent of Education Ed Richardson today appealed to the Alabama Supreme Court from a March 5 order issued by the Montgomery County Circuit Court blocking the sale of the Georgia Washington Middle School to the Town of Pike Road. The order also enjoined the closing and sale of other Montgomery County Board properties pending further court review.

In taking this action, Dr. Richardson explained that delay in implementing intervention-related initiatives will be extraordinarily costly to the Montgomery County system.

"The sale of the Georgia Washington facility alone will produce almost $10 million in revenue to the Montgomery System," Richardson said. "We cannot risk losing that opportunity or the long-term benefits that will be realized through other cost-saving measures that are now on hold because of the court's order."

Dr. Richardson acknowledged his respect for the trial court, but expressed confidence that the Supreme Court will bring a “big picture” perspective to the issues of intervention authority and governance that are raised by the case. “The intervention statute was intended to permit the State Superintendent to take the kind of bold, often politically difficult decisions that are necessary to get underperforming boards of education back on the right track. Intervention measures that can be undermined by entrenched political interests or judicial second-guessing are doomed from the start. Our hope is that the Supreme Court will interpret the statute in a way that will permit the intervention process to work as the Legislature intended it to.”

Because of the critical time involved, expedited review of the appeal is being sought.

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